Mental Mistakes to Avoid During a Game of Golf

Any sport requires mental as well as physical fitness to excel. Golf is a gentlemen’s game. This is a very popular outdoor game played by millions of people across the world. Lustrous carpet of bright green grass in a golf course energises the players to give his best shot on the field. It is not exactly the lack of skill that makes you to lose the game but rather it is the poor mental state which contributes mostly in your loss. At, you can find some useful tips on improving the game skills. To enjoy the game of golf, you must avoid the following common mental mistakes.


Stop Thinking about the Swing before Hitting the Ball

If you think too much about your swing on a golf course then chances are more that it will prevent you from giving a good flight to the ball. Nothing is more damaging than the tendency to rectify your shots while hitting the ball. Concentrate on your own ability and skill that you have. Trying hard to control your body during the swing makes it difficult for you get a good score. As you start to think about your swing, tension creeps in your mind and forces you to rectify the swing for rest of the round which in turn shifts your mind from the game.

Remember, it is just a game

You could be your worst critic or best admirer. It’s up to you, which role you want to play on the playground. What you are telling yourself on the golf course can make a strong impact on your performance on the ground. Appreciate your effort and your good shots by your own. Be that “Perfect Inner Caddy” who showers your ears with some boosting words. Remember, it is just a game. Unless you earn your livelihood from it, it should not make you upset.

Don’t think about the score

Except you are in a condition where you have to score to stick to your game plan, there is no need to think about the scores all the time. It is found that players give their best shots when they actually forgot what to score. You can improve your overall performance on the golf course by letting the thought of score go out of your mind. Enjoy the game. The primary goal of the player should be the pleasure of playing not the pressure of scoring. If you are cherishing the game, then nothing can stop you from scoring your best.

Set a precise target in your mind

Gold fields are indeed the most picturesque places to play around. Vast stretches of green grass are dotted with perfectly manicured trees and plants. Don’t concentrate on setting the ball on a flight to the fairway or at the green land. Make your target as small as possible. A precise target tells you exactly where you need to send the ball which increases your chance of scoring higher.


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